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Beetlejuice Leather Bar Stool

I've been interested in doing some larger projects lately. Most of my time gets spent on doing smaller custom commissions. Since I'm a huge Halloween fan, I decided a couple months ago to start work on a project for myself...The Beetlejuice Bar Stool!

Here are a couple progress shots as I work to create this spooky masterpiece of the Ghost With The Most!

This is the leather cover that I will stretch over the foam seat padding. It is designed to be circular rather than a square seat.

Initial Tooling Step:

Tooling the leather for Beetlejuice

Now after the initial background color has been added, I can start laying in some base coat color to his shirt. I've decided to use the cartoon version of Beetlejuice, since that was my ultimate favorite show as a kid. There wasn't a lot of merchandise you could buy of him back in the 1990's, but being a Maker, I couldn't let that stand forever.

Leather Beetlejuice Barstool progress

Bit More Color....

Cartoon Beetlejuice painting

It takes sooo long to paint something this large. (Things you don't realize until you're already 20 hours into the project...hahah) The leather has a tendency to soak in acrylic paint, so every color you see in the photos takes at least 2 coats to get it a consistent value. Otherwise its very streaky and you can see every paint brush stroke.

Current Status of my Beetlejuice Bar stool

After I finally lay in all the base colors and seal them, I will go back and rub antique paste into the crevices, and all the lines will stand out, and will make him look very animated and 3D. He's a little flat at the moment, but don't worry, he won't stay like that forever.

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