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Geeky Leather Cuffs

Leather cuffs and bracelets inspired from many fandoms: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Disney, steampunk, literature, and many more!  All bracelets are hand dyed and painted individually for maximum detail!

Winter Soldier Leather Cuff
Agent Carter Leather Cuff
Agent's of SHIELD leather cuff
Joker Leather Cuff
The Flash Leather Cuff
Captain America Leather Cuff
Winter Soldier Leather Cuff
Aslan Cuff
The Hobbit Smaug Leather Cuff
DSC_0726 copy
Custom Franky Cuff
Lord of the Rings
Jack Skellington leather cuff
I Do What I Want
Beauty and the Beast
Egyptian Sun God
Koi Pond
Dragon Heraldry
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