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Custom Hand Tooled Leather Designs

Leather can be used to craft many types of items; Totebags, passport covers, top hats, iPad tablet covers, leather belts, archery quivers and hair barrettes.  Many of the art works below were custom commissions. 

Please contact me if you are interested in a commission of your own! Check out the designs below to be inspired!

Queen Hyppolyta Crown
Wonder Woman armor armband
Tribal flames lion tablet case
Oak Leaf Leather Sword Scabbard
Jack skellington leather totebag
Pumpkin King Tote bag
loki quiver
Loki Archery Arm Guard
Egyptian Wing Leather Necklaces
ONU leather tote
Warhammer 40k cosplay epaulets
Warhammer Inquisitor Epaulets
tiger passport
The Force Awakens Tablet Cover
The Force Awakens Tablet Cover
Tribal Lion tablet cover back
Heat Miser Snow Miser
Steampunk Top Hat
Lion Passport Cover
BrideZilla an Mothras
Jack Skellington tote bag
Studded Alligator Clutch
Loki Leather Belt Bag
Loki belt
Stormtrooper Leather Cuff Watch
Purple Alligator Clutch
Pumpkin King Barrettes
Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Watch
Stormtrooper leather cuff watch
Loki Necklace
Shark Archery Arm Guard
chiev mask
Alabama inspired Hair Barrette
Warhammer 40k greaves
Custom tank bib
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