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About The Leather Geek

"Leatherworking is easy to do, but difficult to master."

...Mastery of this art would probably take a lifetime, but I'm willing to learn and teach others as I go...


Art has always been a passion of mine since a very early age. Over the years I've been trying every art medium I could get my hands on, and while they were all very fun to try, none of them really seemed to be the right one.


Then one day I decided to try leatherworking, and I am pleased to say that I have finally found my match. It incorporates all the wonderful things I have learned from the other mediums (everything from painting to sculpting) and gives me a great challenge to work with something that has such a long and rich history.  Not to mention the luxurious feel of leather is something we all need in our day to day life. :)

Every single piece of leather art that is made by The Leather Geek goes through a lengthy process.  Each design starts with a pencil and a lot of erasing until the concept is complete.


The Leather Geek only uses vegetable-tanned leather from local US Tanneries, which produce top quality hides. (No scrap junk here!)


Each piece of art is cut from the larger hide by hand from scratch. 

The drawing is then transferred onto vegetable tanned leather. 

Then the tooling process begins!  (This is the difficult part!)

After each design is tooled into 3D, the paint or dye gets applied, sealed with a finish coat to protect it from the elements, and TA-DA...completed work of art!

The Maker - The Leather Geek, Corey Christopher

Corey Christopher - The Leather Geek

Hand Tooled Jack Skellington, Carmen Sandiego and Smaug
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