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The Force Awakens Leather Tablet Cover

Finished the paint and dye job for the Force Awakens inspired leather tablet cover. It's large enough to tuck almost any tablet inside. Definitely a labor of love on this one.

Captain Phasma makes an appearance on the front cover, while some First Order TIE fighters fly in formation on the back side.

The details on the TIE Fighters were quite a challenge to carve. I managed to fit the main guns on the largest ship using my smallest detail knife. Everything is hand painted with metallic silvers, and I added the bright green laser blasts to give it some life. (Got to have the PEW PEW!) The webbing in between the supports on the fins is textured to look just like the real fighters.

Light, sucessive taps with the matting tool will create this effect nicely, for those that want to try this at home. (I highly recommend it!)

Well, I'm off to go watch The Force Awakens several more times. Stay tuned for more Star Wars inspired leather geekery!

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